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How it works

With AIDONIC we prove that nearly 100% of the donations get to the people in need. Donors can track and trace their donations to their preferred campaigns. Nonprofits collect donations from a crowd and distribute them as tokenized aid vouchers, entitlements or digital cash straight to the intended end-beneficiaries in the most transparent and efficient way.

Step 1 Campaign

To create a new campaign the verified organisation chooses first an existing cause or creates a new cause. The cause has always a defined beneficiary group of individuals and families that will receive the aid (tokens) immediately after the campaign is successfully funded. Then all campaign parameters must be entered and the service provider(s) who will provide the defined aid, need to be allocated by choosing from a list of registered entities. For each campaign our technology creates unique tokens with defined characteristics.

Step 2 Beneficiaries

Once the campaign is successfully funded, we will automatically issue the tokens to the beneficiaries. They will receive a defined number of fiat-backed tokens representing a digital voucher, product(s), service(s) or cash. To receive their defined aid the predefined service provider(s) scan the beneficiaries’ QR-Code, during this process the tokens will be transacted from wallet to wallet as part of the payment process. All transactions are completely transparent and visible in the campaign page and linked to the Stellar blockchain.

Step 3 Service Provider

Once all tokens have been transacted from the beneficiaries’ wallets to the service provider’s wallet, meaning all beneficiaries received their defined aid, the service provider requests to be paid out (disbursement). He can also request to be paid out when 50% of the tokens have been redeemed. A final invoice will be available for download.

Step 4 Organisations

The verified organisation forwards the funds to the service provider and when he confirms the receipts of the funds, the campaign will be successfully closed. All reports and invoices will be automatically created and available for download. The impact will be visible for everyone and the transactions remain forever for transparency and accountability purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the business model of AIDONIC?

AIDONIC is a for-profit social tech enterprise based in Switzerland. Our short-term objective is to empower vulnerable people worldwide, help nonprofits to reach more needy people with less overhead but more efficiency and ensure full transparency. Through our platform we create valuable social and impact value and help the UN to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. To cover our operational costs and to ensure sustainability and growth of AIDONIC, we charge a platform service fee of 3% per transaction. Our long-term goal is to reduce this fee to 0% after time.

What role plays the Blockchain Technology within the AIDONIC platform?

AIDONIC is all about transparency and trust! Blockchain offers a public immutable shared ledger system that is updated and validated in real-time for each transaction and for every network participant. It renders the financial activities of charitable organizations visible and reveals where an asset is at any point in time, who owns it and what condition it’s in. All raised donations will be tokenized into unique digital asset tokens per campaign that represent the predefined aid. We offer a complete transparent visualization of all transactions extracted from the public blockchain. This means all users can live-track and trace the donations until the final use by the end-beneficiaries on the ground.
We offer an end to end transparent stream of funds from donor to beneficiary. Nonprofits can use our global platform for free to raise funds and distribute them as digital aid in form of vouchers, entitlements or cash, covering the following areas: Food, Water, Health, Hygiene, Education, Shelter, Clothes, Psychological aid, Social Development, Scholarship, Energy, Livelihood, Winter aid, Disaster Response, Environment, Arts & Culture, Economic Development.

What is the difference between AIDONIC and any other Crowd-donating platforms?

AIDONIC is a unique global platform available for all nonprofits worldwide. AIDONIC connects transparent crowd-donations and institutional donations directly to the end-beneficiaries’ digital AIDONIC wallets or physical card wallets. This ensures an end to end transparent stream of traceable donations and impact investments. This first and last mile solution is integrated into a social network where all the users can interact with each other through our different tools and features. While most of the traditional crowd-donating platforms only offer the first mile (social crowd-funding tool), our platform combines 6 innovative components such as blockchain (donation-tokenization), beneficiary relationship management (BRM), cross-border payments, impact-measurement, social-media and social fundraising (crowd-donating).

Is it possible to license the AIDONIC technology and integrate it as a SAAS?

Yes, we are offering our technology as a whole or as customized components to any organization/company. If you are interested, please send us an email to: [email protected]

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